Water Department

The Water Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town’s water facilities. These facilities are staffed by four State licensed operators and consist of the following:

  • Water filtration plant, stand pipe and pedisphere on Collins Street
  • Four production wells
  • Entire distribution system
Raw water is pumped from the wells to the water treatment plant. At the water treatment plant the water passes through numerous treatment processes. The following is a brief list of these processes:

  • Aeration
  • Enhanced coagulation
  • Flocculation
  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Fluoridation

The finished water is then pumped to the one million gallon standpipe and the 500,000 gallon pedisphere for storage. This finished water then flows by gravity at a consistent 60 pounds per square inch of pressure to the homes and businesses in our community.

The Water Department provides safe, high-quality water in a cost-effective manner.

The drinking water supplied by the Town meets or exceeds all quality standards set forth by both the State and Federal Government.