Historical Landmarks

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       Historical Markers

Map Key
1. Assembly Grounds was selected in 1901 by Disciples of Christ church of Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA for summer camp.
Location: Garfield Pkwy & Pennsylvania Ave

2. Loop Canal was completed in 1910 so travelers could come by boat from Rehoboth train station to Bethany Beach.
Location: Pennsylvania at First St

3. *Addy Sea was built in 1902 by John Addy as a summer home. It has been a hostelry since 1935. Addy was instrumental in building the Loop Canal.
Location: Ocean View Pkwy & Ocean

4. Site of Seaside Inn was built in the early 1900s and originally called Bellevue-Atlantic Hotel. Located at north end of boardwalk, it was wiped out by the March, 1962 Nor’easter.
Location: Second St & Ocean

5. *Addy Cottage was the first home of John Addy and was built around 1901. It became “William’s Inn”, renting rooms from the 1930s to 1975.
Location: 104 Second St

6. *Dinker House was built around 1904 by William A. Dinker, the first president of the group who bought out the Bethany Beach Improvement Company.
Location: 99 First Steet

7. *Errett Cottage was the 1903 Home of William E. Errett of the original Pittsburgh Six. It is still owned by Errett Family.
Location: 109 First St

8. *Drexler Cottage was built in 1905 and owned by State Senator Louis Drexler. It was moved back from the ocean three times.
Location: 22 Atlantic Ave at Campbell Place

9. *Scott House was built around 1928 and named “Sco-Hi-Tay” by the Scott sisters: Ann Scott, Belle Scott Hieber, and Maize Scott Taylor.
Location: 99 Parkwood Street

10. *Townsend was built in the mid 1920s by Priney Townsend of Ocean View. It was turned 180° and a deck facing the ocean was added in 1950.
Location: 98 Parkwood Street

11. Journey's End was built in 1927 by Bess Christian. It was enlarged and became a boarding house in the 1930s. It served as quarters for US Army Signal Corpsmen in WWII. The soldiers called it “Fort Maggie”, after proprietor Margaret Hughes, sister of Bess Christian. The house remains in the family.
Location: 101 Parkwood Street

12. *Dinker Cottage was built by one of the Pittsburgh Six in the early 1900s. It served as the Post Office from 1923-1924.
Location: 310 Garfield Extension

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